Learn More About Teeth Extractions

Tooth loss can be a traumatic experience. Fortunately, if you do lose a tooth it can be replaced with an implant supported replacement tooth that will look, feel and function like your natural tooth. The dental implant functions like a natural tooth root and preserves the bone, preventing the deterioration of bone that would normally occur with tooth loss.

If you are facing impending tooth loss, our periodontist at Petaluma Periodontics is able to surgically remove the tooth using a special technique that minimizes discomfort and promotes rapid healing. This technique also preserves as much of the bone surrounding the tooth as possible, which is important for implant placement.

Sometimes a dental implant can be placed at the time the tooth is removed. However, when this is not possible, a graft using bone from another area of the mouth, donor or synthetic bone, can be placed to preserve the tooth socket for future implant placement. This graft will also facilitate healing and preserve a significant amount of the gum tissue that would normally shrink during healing if the socket was allowed to collapse.